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228 Grant Street Candle Co. is here!

228 Grant Street Candle Co. Artisanal Buy Local Hand Poured Made in Maryland Small Batch Soy Candles

So, here's the story behind the candles and the name. Throughout my early grade school years, I was a pretty creative child; drawing, calligraphy, playing piano, building, etc. As I got older, except for playing piano, I lost touch with most of these creative expressions. On this other side of 40, I have committed to recovering and nurturing the creative aspects of my right-brained self. 

It's been a journey but the official launch of 228 Grant Street Candle Co. is almost here. For the last four months, I have been researching, testing fragrances and different waxes, obsessing over label design and branding. The first six fragrances are: Amber + Sandalwood, Botanical Garden, Meyer Lemon + Lavender, Cedar + Vanilla, Sweet Orange + Moroccan Spice. The name '228 Grant Street' (my maternal grandparent's address) is to honor my grandmother who still whispers recipes in my ear and was the epitome of all things beautiful, loving and kind. It's my hope that my candles will bring inspiration, beauty, and tranquility to those who buy them.

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